Song List
2Oh My Love
3What Might Have Been
4You’re All Right
5A Long, Long Way (Paul’s Song)
6Welcome to Heartacheville
7Sweet as Okanagan Peaches
8Ride gone Wrong
9Up Above the Dream Café
10Hard to Say Goodbye
11You Only You Only You
12Miner’s Wife
13Like a Mountain





Maybe it’s the way you walk
Maybe it’s your chin
Maybe it’s the way your eyes
Never fail to drag me in.

Maybe it’s the way you laugh
Or how you make me sigh
Or how some sad French song
Always makes you cry

Maybe there’s a reason
We do the things we do
Maybe there’s a reason
Why I m in love with you.

Maybe it’s how your serious
Or when you act the fool
Maybe it’s how you make me hot
When you’re acting cool

Maybe it’s the thrill I get
Every time you call
Maybe it’s the clothes you wear
Or when you wear none at all

Maybe it’s the little things
Maybe it’s the grand
But I kind of think it’s all the things
That we don’t understand

I think It’s magic, melody
I think it’s a mystery
From down below or up above
Who knows why we love

Maybe it’s the things you’ve got
Or the things you lack
Maybe it’s the way we dance,
Your hand upon my back

Maybe it’s the time or
The troubles that we’ve shared
Or how when I’m with you
My heart is never scared

Maybe it is destiny or
How you hum a tune
Maybe it is chemistry
Maybe it’s the moon


The world has not enough

Of the kind of love that’s true
That’s the kind of stuff that made me
Fall in love with

Oh My Love

When I am thirsty   you give me water
When I am hungry you share your bread
When I am weary you sit beside me
It’s your shoulder that cradles my head

When I am happy we start dancing  
When I am sad you start a pot of tea
When I am broken you start fixing
All the ragged parts of me

Oh my love oh my love   oh my oh my love
Oh my love oh my love oh my oh my love oh my love

And if I ever lose my conviction  
Thinking that what I do doesn’t mean anything
You sit me down in my kitchen
You pick up your guitar and sing  

And if I ever start to doubt
‘Cause that’s the kind of woman I can be
You sit me down and you sing out
This chorus in perfect harmony


I must have a guardian angel
Some one up there who could see
That all I ever needed in this world
Was someone like you coming on to me


What Might have been

There are paths you choose along the way
But don’t you wonder “what might have been”
If you knew then what you know today  
Don’t you wonder “what might have been “

If you’d kissed that boy forever
If you hadn’t lost the job in the café
If you’d gotten it together
Or if you had thrown it all away  

All the lessons learned
All the fingers burned
All the troubles you got out of or got in
Don’t you wonder sometimes “ what might have been”

Do your sit sometimes and think about
Where you could be now.
If the twists were turns, if the ins were out
Where you could be now  

If you’d hitchhiked out of town
If you hadn’t had that extra gin
Settled for or settled down
 If you hadn’t listened to the little voice within

The loves that made you fall
The nights you wowed them all
The times you took it on the chin
Don’t you wonder sometimes
What might have been.

But at the time you never see it
How all the doors get opened  
You’ve make your choice you think you know the way
You discover later that the smallest thing can change it
Leading you to where you are today.  

So when you’re looking back
At luck or destiny
Remember each day is a new way to begin
Some day you’ll be looking back here
And will you wonder?
 What might have been

You’re All Right

Ooo look at you   Ooo look at you

Not too young and not too old
You’re all right
Not too hot and not too cold
You’re all right

Not too foolish not too wise
A smile that goes right to your eyes
Ooo what a nice surprise
 You’re all right

You’re not too poor and not too rich
You’re all right     
You look pretty good with out a stitch
You’re all right

Not too short and not too tall
The kind you want to kiss in the hall
When it comes to good you’re not bad at all
You’re all right

So tell me every night you’re free
Cause it is fairly clear to see
That there’s the possibility
That I am made for you and you are made for me.

Not too crazy not too sane
You’re all right
The kind that calls a girl back again
You’re all right  

Not to this not to that
You seem to know just where it’s at
There’s a lot going on beneath your hat
You’re all right

 Not too messy not too neat
You’re all right
Not too sour not too sweet
You’re all right

Just like Goldilocks would say
Before the bears came back her way
This bed is where I want to stay
You’re all right
You’re all right

A Long, long Way (Paul’s Song)

I have travelled this world
And I travel it still
But I know where I belong and I always will
There’s sage and there’s open
 there’s towns spread  apart
There’s wind that pushes the dust
And the beat of my heart

I’m a long, long way from the place I was born
Where the hills are all rounded and the clouds can look torn
Where the trees aren’t majestic they leave that to the sky
I’m a long way now, but I’ll be back by and by
I’m a long way now but I’ll be back by and by

There’s a spot on the hill where you can see far
On a clear night to the highway and the lights of the cars
They are going so fast they are rushing away
They have home in their rear view mirror.
But they‘ll be back some day


The one who raised me, he has passed on
One minute he’s there and the next he is gone
But he’s still in the wind that blows round the yard
Where the house he was born in still stands
Though time has treated it  hard

So chante Michelle, ta voix comme les plaines
Chante Michelle and we’ll all sing again
Some voices missing but the younger ones will
Still sing of the wind and the view from the hill
I’m a long, long way from the place I was born
Where the hills are all rounded and the clouds can look torn
Where the trees aren’t majestic they leave that to the sky
I am missing it now, but I’ll be back by and by
I’m a long way now but I’ll be back by and by

Welcome to Heartacheville

Welcome to Heartacheville,  
Say goodbye to your smile
You won’t stay here forever
But you might be here a while.

Check out  the café called   “ Been cheated On”
The daily special’s humble pie
There’s a room at Regret hotel
For having a good cry

Welcome to “ I’m not good enough”
That well-known cull de sac
Right next to the roundabout
Called I think I’ll take them back

Cause you think you’ll never love again
Of course  someday you will
But until then,
You’re in Heartacheville

Welcome to Heartachesville
Betrayal’s the main drag
You can roar past trying to work it out
All the way to pack your bag

There’s a  scenic view Called love is blind
 where some are known to fall
or You can stop  at I’ve been  left behind
and wait there for their call


WE’ve got  a bar called the Last Chance
A bitter drink called “they’ve  found  someone new “
There’s a motel called Romance
That has no room for you.
Every band here plays the blues
Every love song here is sad
There’s a freeway called “ Get Even”
That intersects with “Mad”
THey might lead you out of town
Away from Memory Lane
But when the sun goes down
You’re  back again

Welcome to Heartacheville
Corner of Tequila and lime
And that’s the closest that you’ll get round here
To having a good time.

‘Cause you think you’ll never love again
Of course someday you will
But until then
 Welcome to heartacheville
In the middle of “they’re the one for me “
A little  ways from “Thank  God I’m free “
Welcome to heartacheville.

Song 7

Sweet as Okanagan Peaches

I don’t ask for much in this big old world,
Fancy things they just get in the way.
All I need is someone who loves me
Who holds me close and tells me he will stay

So out where the road goes up the mountain
And it stops and you've got to walk a while
That's where that someone is waiting
And everything I need is in his smile
He's as warm as the sun out on the beach is
He's as cool as a sparkling mountain stream
He's as sweet as Okanogan peaches
That's my rocky mountain dream
Some have a bank and that's where their heart is
Some hand it out to every stranger passing by
Some think it’s a race but they don’t know where the start is
My heart’s where the mountains reach up to touch the sky

So late at night when I'm stuck in the city
Where you can barely see the stars and moon shine up above
I'll stop and count the minutes till I know I can leave
Then close my eyes and dream of the one I love


Song 8
Ride Gone Wrong

Come listen up boys I’ll tell you a tale
Of a cow hands life and the lonesome trail
Where the pay is short and the days are long
And the measure of a man is when a ride goes wrong.

You can start out drunk, you can start out blind
You can start out wishing you’d  been left behind
You’ll  start to see if you’re weak or strong
Is when the good luck ends and the ride goes wrong

Wish I had a warm fire, wish I had a soft bed
Wish I had a little whiskey a fiddle and song
Wish I had a shiny gold piece in my pocket instead
Of a tired old horse and a ride gone wrong

There may come a time when all you own is your word
And that’s all that keeps you from being part of the herd
Money lies so sweet to make you go along
But the truth comes out when the ride goes wrong


On a ride gone wrong there’s only empty sky
Some are lucky to live some are lucky to die
You’ll pray to the Lord for the times you’ve sinned
You’ll hear a sweet girls voice in the lonesome wind.


I have earned everything I’ve got
I know the lessons that are learned but can’t be taught
I’m not afraid to die ‘cause far as I can tell
I’m going to heaven ‘cause I’ve already been through hell

On a ride gone wrong , on a ride gone wrong

Up Above the Dream Café

Up above the dream café
There’s a little pied a terre
If you come out there to play
They will let you stay upstairs

If it rains you can make yourself a pot of tea
If it snows you can stay inside and say oh lucky me

I’m Up above the dream café
That’s where I’ll spend my day
Just pick up my guitar and play
Up above the dream café

There is someone fast asleep
In the big old queen size bed
I am a morning person
He is a night owl instead

So I’ll just sing to the pretty things from far away
It won’t be long till he stumbles out for his “Café au lait”


Isn’t this the way it was
Before we had so much to do
Isn’t this the way we thought
Our life would be the whole way through

In the cat bird suite , up above the street and let the world slip away
Making jokes and making music, making time and making hay

Up above the dream café

There’s a gate like hacienda
There are roses on the cement wall
If I didn’t have a gig tomorrow
I wouldn’t leave this place at all

Up above the Dream Café
That’s where I’ll spend my day
Just pick up my guitar and play

La la la la la la la la la la
This is what a day should be
La la la la la la la la la la
Music you and me

Hard to Say Goodbye

It’s so hard to say goodbye
It’s so hard I know
It’s so hard to say goodbye,
So hard to let go

Especially when you know your heart will break
You don’t know what you’re going to do
Love, it is a give and take
And take is what you’re going through

Even if you know the time is right
You don’t know what you’ll do without
All you want is to hold on tight
And that’s what life is all about

Especially when you know that they’re your rock
The solid place on which you stand
All that’s left now is quiet talk
And you walk on shifting sand

Especially when you know you’ll never fill
The hole that’s left now that they’re gone
You want to stop beside the hill
You’re not ready to move on


Hold me tight
Sorrow is a word I’m calling
Hold me tight
I am falling

Song 11
You Only You Only You

What makes my temperature go up and down
What makes the city feel like my home town
What makes the world go ‘round
You only you only you

What makes the flowers want to bloom
What makes my heart go boom boom boom
What keeps me loving my bedroom
You only you only you

What makes chocolate seem passé
What make old hurts fade away
What makes me happy every day
You only you only you

Champagne’s great and money pays
And friends are always fine
But they don’t dare, compare
To the feeling I get when your lips meet mine

Who makes my heart flutter like a bird
Who makes sense when the world‘s absurd
Who made love more than a four letter word
You only you only you

Who can make a burger feel like steak
Who can make a cracker feel like cake
Who couldn’t bear to see my heart break
You only you only you
You only you only you

Champagne’s great and money pays
And friends are always fine
But they don’t dare, compare
To the feeling I get when your lips meet mine

Who makes the ordinary look divine
Who feels like a bottle of wine
Who’s the only one in this heart of mine.
You only you only you
You only you only you
You only you only you

Miner’s Wife

And my Mama said “Leave him down in that mine”
He’s dug his own grave, just let him lie
I don’t want to see what rock can do to a man
Leave me my memories, leave me to cry

For I am a miner’s wife
And I’ve lived with that fear for most of my life
That if the rock didn’t kill him, the cold dust would
But I wouldn’t have stop him going down even if I could

For I’m proud that my man was a miner
He worked hard for his lousy pay
And he didn’t get nothing he didn’t work for
And that’s more than the owners of this mine can say
And so you just leave him down in that mine
He’s dug his own grave, now you just let him lie
I don’t want to see what rock can do to a man
Leave me my memories, leave me to cry

Song 13
Like a Mountain

New love quiet love
Love that dares not shout out loud
Warm love, careful love
That lifts you up above the crowd

Love that shakes you to your core
Love that drags you to your heart
Love you gave up looking for
Love you don’t know where to start

Love like a mountain, love like the sky
When you’re close to them you feel high
Love like a mountain, love like the sky
Like a mountain, like the sky

Sweet love, tender love
Love that reaches through the pain
Wild love, wondrous love
That makes you want to live again

Love so bright can’t dim it
Love that lights your way along
Love that knows no limit
Love that makes you strong


Love that makes your treasure vast
And everything sublime
Love that lasts through trouble
Love that lasts through time