June 1st we are in Toronto at Hughs Room Live. Its always a treat to connect with our crowd there

I have been coming to Hughs room now for more years than I can count . It used to be at the coldest time of the year but somehow Ive moved into the warm and green time.  No more wondering if we would hit a blizzard or have to shovel our way in or out of Toronto.  I will see Toronto with flowers on the corners store's outdoor displays.  Looking forward to it. 

Winnipeg concert part of the Crescent Fort Rouge artsfest has the Whole Family plus The Aleksi Campagne band and Les Barricades

Winnipeg is one of those great cities, with a river, restaurants and a strong music scene.  I have freinds and family there. It is always with great pleasure that I look forward to a show in Winnipeg.  Home of the Folk Festival and some of my oldest and dearest friends.  So what do you do when you go to someplace with as much history for me as WInnipeg, you bring the whole kit and kaboodle. All the family plus their two bands because I want them to have a place in Winnipeg too.  Aleksi has just released his first CD.  check out his website to hear what he is coming up with for the  show.  www.aleksicampagne.com.  Gabriel has new songs currently being recorded, so its been a busy musical spring.  Okay I call it spring but its been kind of winter light. So hopefully it will be spring on the prairies by April 28th at  Crescent Fort Rouge.  Show starts at 7:30 because we have les Barricades and Aleksi Campagne opening the show.  

Connie goes out to see if spring has arrived in Saskatchewan

Grandmothers for Grandmothers is an organisation I have done benefits for in the past. My Cousin Jacqui Anderson contacted me to ask if I would do a benefit for her chapter in Saskatoon.  Its always nice to do something nice for a member of my extended family.  It doesnt always work out but this time it did.  Friday we will be in Saskatoon and then driving down to MooseJaw  Saturday March 10 to the wonderful Mae Wilson Theatre.   WHat a great theatre.  I wish we could clone it across the country.  It is that combination of old world charm and new world comfort and sound.   THese theatres that have been saved have all the great shows from all the past stored in their wood.