The back cover of the latest recording

The back cover of the latest recording



If you want songs that speak to you and you have loved, lost, survived, cared, or left it all behind, you are going to love this recording.If you are looking for this 16th album to define Connie Kaldor, good luck. She has been defying definition for her whole career.“From Newspaper headlines, Missing and Gone, to breakups, Better Things to Do, to looking at life, Up to You,there are so many stories left to tell.

Everyone of the players on this recording are friends. Amazing harmonica player Mike Stevens, Slim Williams on B3 and Synth, string quartets, vocals by Michelle and Paul Campagne of Hart Rouge along with Aleksi and Gabriel Campage. Nothing like the family blend. The fabulous young players are from Gabrlel and Aleksi’s bands. or

True to form, even the physical package is different. The specially designed box includes the song lyrics, each on an original postcard by Montreal painter Britta Hansen or young Montreal photographer Pipa Jones.

okay the songs!

The title track, everyday moments was inspired by three things. One,my friend Hélène asked me to write a song about housekeeping, saying no one ever does. I did remind her that my skills in that area were limited but I would try. Another friend was told after twenty years and 3 kids that she had not contributed enough. But it was a phrase from an add for pension funds that sparked it all “what does your life add up to”. I thought I’ll tell you what it adds up to, 1000 meals 1000 dishes, how many birthday cakes a 1000 hugs 1000 kisses a 1000 small mistakes….. and the song began.

1. Better things to do When you can get a whole table of twenty year women in a bar at the Canmore festival to scream put their hands in the air, you know you are singing their song.

2. There Comes a Time with a string arrangement written by jazz violin player Aleksi Campagne

3. Everyday moments, for every hard working parent out there, and should be sent twice to the guy who told his partner after 20 years and three kids that she had not contributed enough.

4. Breathe, features amazing harmonica player Mike Stevens

5. Four in the Morning, which sounds like a jazz classic

6. These Prairies , “hold my childhood”, which says it all

7. Missing and Gone, again, it says it all

8. One of a Kind with a string trio. Send this to a wonderful person in your life.

9. If you Would Judge Me featuring Slim Williams on B3 and synth. Theres a lot of people judging others these days.

10.Travelling which is my road trip soundtrack.