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Album cover Postcard from the Road

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The latest News from Connie Kaldor


THere is a new album ready to come out October 29th LOVE SASK has already had a limited edition version that went out with Connie on tour in saskatchewan but the full version with booklet and all the credits will be ready for the album launch on the 29th in Montreal at La VIctrola.  SHe plays St Anne de Bellvue but that show was sold out almost immediately.  Come down to the La VIctrola on St. Laurent on the 29th and get a show and every ticket gets an album.  Just like Prince.  You can of course download the album at www.cdbaby.com if you cant wait to hear all the new songs.  There’s everything from a song about Andromeda to  a requiem to a song entitled If you Like her Perogies, she’ll Like your Kubasa.   Yes its typical Connie Kaldor from one extreme to the other.

Look for more information  Also if you are in Kelowna, Penticton, Victoria, Josephburg, Daysland, Holden, and Brooks you can see her live and sing along.




















This is the fourteenth album from Connie Kaldor. She went into the studio with a great collection of new songs and some of the best musicians in Quebec. Like classic Connie Kaldor you will have to have a long line for the genre section. She is a writer with few limits. Her strength has always been her live show that demands a wide-open range of songwriting. These “postcards from the road” are vignettes as varied as the Canadian places she has played over the years. There’s songs with mountains, prairies, mining towns, cowboys, winning, losing and the unpredictable road of romance from “ all I ever needed in the world was someone like you coming on to me” to “ Welcome to Heartacheville”. If our country were a musical this would be the soundtrack.

She is heading out to tour Canada in support of this album, starting with the west in November, Hugh’s room in Toronto and points east in the New Year.

There’s an ease here that comes from talent and experience. There’s great playing and of course great singing. Connie Kaldor has built up an art’s factory here in Montreal. Her family and extended family are all musicians with two recording studios between them. She draws upon the rich Montreal musical scene. Co-producer Davy Gallant produced Kain’s double platinum album and is a multi-instrumentalist that has toured with Roch Voisine and Cloe St. Marie. Paul Campagne has produced most of the award winning book cds for publisher La Montagne Secrete. Guitar player Réjean Bouchard featured on Dream Café works as well with Richard Sequin, Laurence Jalbert, and Isabel Boulet. The drummer Benoit Clément has played with everyone from Garou on down and is presently in Vegas working on the new Cirque du Soliel Elvis show. Paul and Michelle Campagne from the group Hart Rouge do killer vocals and if you listen carefully you will find 3 younger Campagnes adding to the family blend.