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Prairie Cookbook

Album cover Postcard from the Road

Photography by Connie Kaldor

I have talked so often of the prairie recipes, especially the naughty ones in the dessert section. Now here is a chance to actually make Darlene’s Delight or Sex in a Pan or Hot Sticky Buns.

For my wedding I was given a copy of a 1950s cook book entitled “Fun with Jello” which I cherish to this very day. Aside from all the community cookbooks I have, one of my all time favourite cookbooks is by Calgary chef Dee Hobsbawn Smith entitled Skinny feasts. There isn’t a thing in that book that wasn’t delicious. I have toured through out the prairies and I am kicking myself now, that I didn’t get recipes from all of the women that brought squares to the after show reception. If you have a prairie recipe to send that has a story or comment please send along and we will try and compile the definitive source for all edible prairie delights.

For those of you with prairie roots that feel the uncontrollable urge to can, you are not alone. It may inspire a sponsorship from a graham cracker consortium but I am going to start with Nanaimo Bars. They are a classic.

I think if we could stuff a Nanaimo bar into a perogie we would have the two main food groups of the prairies covered. Never low fat but when you want to sin, it had better be worth it.

We have a new recipie from my show in Saskatoon in March 2011 , An 84 year old woman ( so you know that recipe is tried and true) called in and dictated this recipe to one of the wonderful front of house women at the Broadway Theatre. She said that her father had worked for the king of England when he was 18. The king so the story goes, had a ranch in Alberta at that time. According to the mystery prairie woman, this recipe is well loved and has won awards. So here you go. I am calling it

Prairie Gal Delight
1 cup margarine
2 cups white sugar
2 medium red apples ( grated)
1 tsp vanilla
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp salt

Add all in one bowl, mix pull apart and roll small peices, dip in sugar and cinnamon adn bake at 325 degrees for 12 minutes.
Enjoy Clank assures me it is vegan!!