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Prairie Connections

Album cover Postcard from the Road

Photography by Courtney Milne from W.O. Mitchell  Country

Intro to Prairie Section

I was born in Saskatchewan and I feel that till this day, that landscape and culture shapes me and my music. It is vast, beautiful and inspiring. Many of my best known songs are about that place on the map. So here is a section of all things prairie. You can find a list that makes up the prairie songbook.

Since I have talked long and loud about the naughty recipies found in the LCW cookbook and I have an ever expanding collection of community cookbooks I thought I would turn it into a section. Yes, at last the Prairie Cookbook. Always wondered what Darlene’s delight and sex in a pan were all about? This is your chance. Don’t forget about hot sticky buns. Food and Dating, inexplicably linked in the prairies. We used to make jokes that anywhere else they were known as date squares, but in the prairies they were matrimonial squares. We take dating very seriously.