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A Duck in New York City


The title story-song is about a little duck from the Prairies who has a big dream – making it to New York City and doing his ducky dance on Broadway! It turns out to be an adventurous journey that appears bound for failure until he meets up with a truck driver named Big Betty. She points him in the right direction and gives him that little nudge he needs to tackle the Big Apple ! Additional songs penned by Connie Kaldor feature alligators that waltz at midnight, little girls who sing off-key to get tomatoes thrown at them and opera-singing slugs that sneak out at night to do the boogie-woogie. Translated into French by Christiane Duchesne.

Song List

  1. A Duck in New York City
  2. If You Love a Hippopotamus
  3. Laundry Bag
  4. Belly Button
  5. The Alligator Waltz
  6. Seed in the Ground
  1. Slug Opera
  2. Honey, Honey, Honey
  3. I Love Tomatoes
  4. The Nose Song
  5. Quack, Quack, Quack
  6. I Want to be a Cloud

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1 A Duck in New York City

There was a little duck in New York City
Which is not exactly perfect for a duck
Instead of little ponds with little lilies
There are great big buildings, pavement and trucks
But if you are a duck in New York City
You do the very best with what you’ve got
You don’t go waddling after dark
You take a taxi to the park
And you find a fire hydrant when it’s hot

His apartment was too small to have a bathtub
So he had to go out waddling on the street
He’d pretend that he was swimming up the pavement
Even though it often hurt his little feet
But he loved to see the Nicks down at the Gardens
And he loved the shows down on the Avenue
And he says, “I feel at home in New York City
‘Cause everyone is quackers too

Start spreading the news
I’m leaving today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York

So, if you are a duck in New York City…
Oh yeah New York is ducky

2 If You Love a Hippopotamus

If you love a hippopotamus
And you love her a lot-amus
She will be your friend (your friend)
And that can be mighty handy now and then

Cause if you’re stuck outside
And you find that the door won’t budge
Your friend the hippo can lean on it
And give it that extra nudge

Cause if you want a cookie
But it’s too high on the shelf
You can climb on the back of a hippopotamus
And get one for yourself… And one for her too

Cause if you’re put to bed
And you find that you just can’t sleep
Your friend the hippopotamus into your room will creep

And she’ll sing you a lullaby ‘til you begin to snore
Then she’ll tiptoe out hippopotamusly and slam the door

3 Laundry Bag

There were red socks and blue socks
Odd socks, new socks in the laundry bag
There are stretchy socks, white socks
A bunch of left and right socks
In the laundry bag

And if you put your ear to the bag
You can hear them say
Give me some water, give me some soap
And wash this dirt away

There were red shirts, white shirts
Even got a night shirt in the laundry bag
There were plain shirts, checked shirts
Ripped and kind of wrecked shirts in the laundry bag

There were plain pants, party pants
Even got some smarty pants in the laundry bag
There were old jeans, new jeans
Tina’s favourite blue jeans in the laundry bag

There were dishtowels, place mats
Crazy Martian space hats in the laundry bag
There were leotards and tutus
Even a pair of running shoes in the laundry bag

There’s everything that I’ve worn for a month or so
In the laundry bag