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Album cover Postcard from the Road

Photography by Connie Kaldor


Welcome to the Kids section.

We have all the Children’s Music and Books that Connie has produced.
There are lyrics and sheet music to download as well.

We have things for parents too.
See Travelling with Children or Learning Through Music.

So enjoy

It seems like I always was making songs up and it eventually turned into songwriting. I would make up many of these kids songs to amuse myself or entertain some visiting children. It started with my nephews and nieces and then went on to my own boys. I think my theatre roots show themselves in these songs. I am essentially writing a musical that kids might like. But first, I wrote these songs for myself. I love that Dog was written in the car while I was watching a dog and its master on the sidewalk and the obvious joy they had in each other’s company.

The duck in New York City was written in a taxi cab while stuck in traffic on the way to La Guardia airport after a show at the bottom line. I found a rubber duck in the cab that someone had left and I was imagining that the duck had come to New York, like the rest of us to become a star. I like to think that perhaps Obama read this book with it’s Yes you Can line and was inspired too. Hey everyone has dreams not just big people. Children have so many dreams because so much they have to do must seem insurmountable. Will I ever tie my shoes? Will I ever go to the toilet by myself? Will I ever be able to pour milk in a cup. Kids are telling themselves everyday, yes you can. Hey never mind as a parent you say the same things. Can I ever raise this incredible little newborn human being? Can I ever get up four times in a night and then do a full day? Can I ever last till they are toilet trained. Will I ever get this snowsuit on this squirming toddler ? Will I ever get them through grade 11 chemistry? Yes You Can. I guess sometimes we are all the little duck.

These CD Books are published by a wonderful Quebec publishing house called The Secret Mountain or La Montagne Secrete ( for French publications). They have many wonderful Cd Books in several languages.
To connect to their website go to www.thesecretmountain.com

Connie Kaldor, Lullaby Berceuse album cover

Lullaby Berceuse

Lullaby Berceuse, is a Juno and Parent’s Choice Gold award winner. This is a book cd with the recorded music of French and English lullabies, some traditional and some new. Connie Kaldor and Carmen Campagne are the two performers. It begins with the sound of a baby, because we found that most children will stop when they her another baby, and the music is set up to get slower and quieter as the CD progresses. Hopefully you will enjoy singing along. 
It was the first children’s cd by the well known Quebec singer Carmen Campagne. She went on to produce many wonderful award winning cds and dvds.
The story, night loves the prairies was written by Connie Kaldor and the beautiful illustrations are by Brian Dines, one of Canada’s finest illustrators. He is from Alberta, a prairie province and that is why his paintings are so inspired and evocative of that part of the world. Every one of these pages is exquisite.

Connie Kaldor, A Duck in New York City album cover

Duck in New York City

The Duck in New York City is the winner of a Juno Award and Parent’s Choice Gold. It was chosen as the literacy book of the year for South Florida. The story tells of a small duck with a Big idea. He wants to be a star on Broadway. The tale of how his brave little heart tells him “Yes you can” and his adventure begins is aimed at young children or early readers. The music has many themes and characters. The illustrations are whimsical collages by the husband and wife team of Fil et Julie from Quebec. The character is adorable and children keep discovering things on every page.

Connie Kaldor, A Poodle in Paris album cover

Poodle in Paris

The Poodle in Paris is the winner of a Juno Award and the Parent’s choice Gold Award. The story tells of the life of one of the characters in the first song, La Grande Fifi. The story tells of her unique situation of having more than one home. The illustrations are again by the husband and wife team of Fil et Julie from Quebec. These whimsical illustrations take you through Paris with Fifi and her friends. These are not just drawings but collages and children keep discovering things on every page.