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Choral Scores and Arrangements

Music should be shared and the most flattering thing for a songwriter is to know that others want to sing or play her song. So I am slowly getting as many scores and   arrangements together as I can.

Some like Nothing like A Lake, I have put together myself for the recording on Love Sask, through mostly hearing it a certain way and then trial and error.

There is also a band arrangement of Wood River  made by a McGill Graduate, Emily Grey that should be good for school bands.

A wonderful jazz choral arrangement of What a Mess Love Is by Aleksi Campagne.  All are tried tested and true and we will keep adding as we go along.

I know that many choirs teachers  bands and individuals struggle for money and if you are one of those, please take these and use them, giving credit where credit is due and let us know how it went. Pass on any of these fine musicians music to help make them household names!

But if you have a little budget please click the paypal button.  The money goes towards musicians to make more arrangements.

There is a well known arrangement of wood river by W. Zwordesky that I encourage you to find.   Here is a list of the songs available, in the sub file of this part of the website.


Nothing like a Lake choral score by Connie Kaldor

What a Mess love is   Jazz vocal arrangment by Aleksi Campagne

Wood River Band arrangement by Emily Grey