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Postcards from the road


Scroll down to follow along with lyrics.

The latest collection of new songs about
life love and all that goes along with that.

Song List

  1. Maybe
  2. Oh My Love
  3. What Might Have Been
  4. You’re All Right
  5. A Long, Long Way (Paul’s Song)
  6. Welcome to Heartacheville
  7. Sweet as Okanagan Peaches
  1. Ride gone Wrong
  2. Above the Dream Café
  3. Hard to Say Goodbye
  4. You Only You Only You
  5. Miner’s Wife
  6. Like a Mountain

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3 What Might have been

There are paths you choose along the way
But don’t you wonder “what might have been”
If you knew then what you know today
Don’t you wonder “what might have been “

If you’d kissed that boy forever
If you hadn’t lost the job in the café
If you’d gotten it together
Or if you had thrown it all away

All the lessons learned
All the fingers burned
All the troubles you got out of or got in
Don’t you wonder sometimes “ what might have been”

Do your sit sometimes and think about
Where you could be now.
If the twists were turns, if the ins were out
Where you could be now

If you’d hitchhiked out of town
If you hadn’t had that extra gin
Settled for or settled down
If you hadn’t listened to the little voice within

The loves that made you fall
The nights you wowed them all
The times you took it on the chin
Don’t you wonder sometimes
What might have been.

But at the time you never see it
How all the doors get opened
You’ve make your choice you think you know the way
You discover later that the smallest thing can change it
Leading you to where you are today.

So when you’re looking back
At luck or destiny
Remember each day is a new way to begin
Some day you’ll be looking back here
And will you wonder?
What might have been

4 You’re All Right

Ooo look at you Ooo look at you

Not too young and not too old
You’re all right
Not too hot and not too cold
You’re all right

Not too foolish not too wise
A smile that goes right to your eyes
Ooo what a nice surprise
You’re all right

You’re not too poor and not too rich
You’re all right
You look pretty good with out a stitch
You’re all right

Not too short and not too tall
The kind you want to kiss in the hall
When it comes to good you’re not bad at all
You’re all right

So tell me every night you’re free
Cause it is fairly clear to see
That there’s the possibility
That I am made for you and you are made for me.

Not too crazy not too sane
You’re all right
The kind that calls a girl back again
You’re all right

Not to this not to that
You seem to know just where it’s at
There’s a lot going on beneath your hat
You’re all right

Not too messy not too neat
You’re all right
Not too sour not too sweet
You’re all right

Just like Goldilocks would say
Before the bears came back her way
This bed is where I want to stay
You’re all right
You’re all right

7 Sweet as Okanagan Peaches

I don’t ask for much in this big old world,
Fancy things they just get in the way.
All I need is someone who loves me
Who holds me close and tells me he will stay

So out where the road goes up the mountain
And it stops and you’ve got to walk a while
That’s where that someone is waiting
And everything I need is in his smile

He’s as warm as the sun out on the beach is
He’s as cool as a sparkling mountain stream
He’s as sweet as Okanogan peaches
That’s my rocky mountain dream

Some have a bank and that’s where their heart is
Some hand it out to every stranger passing by
Some think it’s a race but they don’t know where the start is
My heart’s where the mountains reach up to touch the sky


So late at night when I’m stuck in the city
Where you can barely see the stars and moon shine up above
I’ll stop and count the minutes till I know I can leave
Then close my eyes and dream of the one I love