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Moonlight Grocery


Scroll down to follow along with lyrics.

One of the Early Albums that first came out on Vinyl. The Moonlight Grocery was a convenience store in Edmonton and many of these songs were written when I lived there.

Song List

  1. Wanderlust
  2. Caught in the Crossfire
  3. Danger Danger
  4. Calais Maine
  5. Get Back the Night
  6. Talk Without Speaking
  7. Love or Something
  1. Moonlight Grocery
  2. Wood River
  3. Bird on a Wing
  4. Maria’s Place ( Batoche)

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1 Calais Maine

I remember that night near Calais Maine
It had the kind of stars you could wish on
I remember that walk and the way that we talked
All about each others visions

And one of these days
I’m gonna fly to the stars
And find out why they shine
I have a feeling
That the reason they do
Is to light up that moonlight heart of mine

I remember that walk by the railroad track
Talkin’ bout music, life and love
If I find the key to the things in me
I’m gonna shine like Orion up above


Oh the smell of hay as the sun goes down
Something like a symphony
And the smell of that hay with the things you say
Stirring up more that memories



I was on tour with the folk traveling road show throughout the Maritimes. It was a memorable tour is many ways. Valdy’s guitar player, Norm Macpherson, who subsequently toured with me, was playing on a chair outside the motel in St. Stephen N.B. and I asked him to teach me a new chord on the guitar. The chord at the start of the chorus was the one I learned.

2 Love or Something


Roy Forbes/Connie Kaldor

It’s a strange sensation
I feel giddy and slightly confused
Something stirred up a whole set of feelings
That ain’t never been used
I feel like dancing
Feel like I’m on a roll
I am out of control

It must be love or something
It must be love or something
It must be love or something
It must be love.

I’m not good at memorizing
But I know every crease in your jeans
There’s a tingle that goes
From my head down to my toes
And it hits every spot in between
Something about you is a sentimental squeeze
Makes me weak in the knees


Is it the wine?
Could it be the flu?
All I know is that I’m blaming you
I gave up chocolate
I’m waving at jerks in trucks
I’ve got this long distance phone bill for
Six Hundreds Bucks

Don’t you love it
Don’t you feel your heart drop
Don’t you dare let it stop



This was the first song that I wrote with Roy Forbes and it began a long friendship. Claire Lawrence, the producer of Moonlight Grocery got us together because he had been talking to Roy and he had a melody but was looking to fill in the lyrics. Do yourself a favour and check out Roy Forbes and his music by going to www.royforbes.com. You won’t be disappointed.

3 Maria’s Place Batoche


On the South Saskatchewan River
There’s a crossing and a bend that they call Batoche
And on the banks of that river
A battle was won and a people were lost

Well they’ve chased us once
And they’ll chase us again
Do you remember Gabriel
“Oui je me souviens”
We have called on Riel
He will speak to us now
“Will you fight for the land that is yours, are you men?”
For the red coats are coming
Well this time they must take with guns
What once they took with a pen

On the South Saskatchewan River
In small little holes the red coats lay hiding
With only the queen on their side
Riel, he has God and a vision
But it won’t fill their guns
So they know in their hearts
That it won’t turn the tide

So you run Gabriel
For your vision lies hanging
From a rope, in a jail, in an English town

Yes you run Gabriel
For your skin is worth saving
There are many like you
Who must run from the Crown

Run Gabriel
Though your heart it is sinking
When you think of the lives
Of your friends that it’s cost

Run Gabriel
And some day you’ll return
To the bend in the river
They call Batoche

On the South Saskatchewan River
The crossing and the bend and they banks remain
But the people have long since been scattered
The town is still there
But it’s not the same

But you can hear Gabriel and Riel even yet
They are whispering “You can win what once was lost”
You can hear it in the rustle of the poplar leaves
At the bend in the river
They call



Batoche is a special place and a special part of Canadian and prairie history. When I lived in Saskatoon I would drive out there and walk around. I always found it eerie in a way. It wasn’t too long after that, that I met Maria Campbell, one of Canada’s fine writers. She now has a place on the original homestead of Gabriel Dumont. If you want more information on this topic try www.