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The latest 2014 album from Connie Kaldor

which can be downloaded from www.cdbaby.com 

We’re working to get as many tracks up as possible

Scroll down to follow along with lyrics.

Song List

    1. Love Sask
    2. Come All You Women
    3. Bill’s Got It Back
    4. Wind Blow Through
    5. World Is Upside Down
    6. Linda’s Fighting Cancer
    7. Andromeda

      1. Lunenburg Shanty
      2. Think of You  (Requiem)
      3. Nothing Like A Lake
      4. If You Like Her Perogies

      1 Love Sask

.Have you ever been in Love, Saskatchewan

It’s a little town somewhere out there, along the tree line

If you go too fast, You might drive on past

But if you find yourself in Love you can take it as a sign


I think farm women gave the name to Love,   Saskatchewan

they said name it for us instead of some old leaders dead and gone

Cause we work so many hours, We grow our own flowers

When times are tough love’s all that keeps you hanging on



WHen you’re heading into Love

Don’t expect a four land highway

It’s off the beaten track but I am sure you’ll find your way

Blue or starry skies above

THe lucky and the shy say

When you are in love that is the place you want to stay

When you are in Love that is the place you want to stay


Some night you might be headed back to Love  Saskatchewan

For a heart with many pages,You have yet to read

Life can be a lonesome alley, Out there past Rose Valley

Half your heart is summerfallow and the rest has gone to seed


Not many lights at night in Love,  Saskatchewan

Except when the northern lights shine on all you need to see

You can leave that city glare, There’s nothing for you there

And every little light’s a welcome when Love’s where you want to be


2 Bill’s Got It Back

There was something up with Bill

Something in his smile

Something that we haven’t seen in a long long while

Bill”s heart had been broken bad, broken bad to worse

But there’s something in his smile that says, he finally broke her curse

Once he was blue now look hes in the pink

He’s got back that something that makes women want to buy him drinks.


Bill’ got it back   Bill got it back

THere was a time when we thought it was lost

But Bill’s got it back

Bill got it back ,. Bill got it back

There was a time when his life was tossed but Bill’s got it back

Gone are the days of having his heart served up on a platter

Along with all the years and the love that didnt matter

Gone are the nights of single beds and howling at the moon

He’s got that woman out of his head and not a moment too soon

So raise a toast to music and Guinness sweet and black

You got him through the rocky road until he got it back


Now all of us know it can happen

Happen like it happened with Bill

Someone’ll leave you, maybe deceive you

You Say it won’t happen but you know it will

So when you find yourself at the bottom of that rung Jack

Remember BIll went as low as he thought he could go

But Bill Got it Back


Trouble they say comes in threes but its sometimes up to ten

But if you find yourself at the point where you

Think it will never get better again

Remember Bill


7 Andromeda

.I wonder what they’re thinking in Andromeda tonight

I wonder if they think like me

Do they gaze through the stars of Andromeda

And think about their closest galaxy


There are more stars in the universe

Than there are grains of sand

And the distances between them

Are more than I can understand

But sometimes I feel light years apart

From people even standing in a crowd

and imagination’s easy to push

Out beyond the Magellanic cloud



I’m a tiny soul on a tiny world

If you look at it from space

It goes round and round all green and blue

Despite the human race

But some can decide at the speed of light

That you have nothing to say

I wonder if there’s someone who’s just like me

Out beyond the Milky Way