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Other Stuff

Check out the creative use of Connie Kaldor’s music in these interesting projects.

Album cover Postcard from the Road

Photography by Courtney Milne from W.O. Mitchell  Country



The wonderful photos on the Love is a Truck album are from the internationally known Canadian photographer Courtney Milne. They can be found in a book entitled W.O. Mitchell Country. This is one of many beautiful collections of photographs by Courtney. Connie met Courtney when he approached her about using her songs in his live photography multimedia performance. We encourage you to discover this photographer by his website, www.courtneymilne.com

Connie Kaldor’s song One Hit was used in a training program for spousal abuse in Victoria.

The Song Maria’s Place is used in the interpretive center at Batoche Saskatchewan.

The music for the audio visual presentation at The Frank Slide was written and performed by Connie Kaldor


Album cover Postcard from the Road

Photography by Courtney Milne from W.O. Mitchell  Country


Sound Tracks for Film

There is a wonderful new web series coming out called Nikola Tesla and the End of the World.

IT uses a sound track that Paul Campagne and I created that is very different than a Connie Kaldor album but it was so much fun to do.  It is a wonderful series with a great female scientist character.  I hope it becomes as popular as it deserves and they make another hundred of them.



Connie has written sound tracks for several films. The most recent is a film entitled Nature’s Heart, which is about the experiences of women in what is now Waskesui National Park.

For information: Susan Risk LIVE WIRE PRODUCTIONS
tel: (306) 586-3492 or livewirevideo@sk.sympatico

Mr Settee is a new documentary featuring the Mr. Settee’s Song from the album Warm Prairie Night
Is the name of the symphony show with Connie Kaldor’s music. It is a collection of her songs about the prairies interspersed with stories. The Regina Symphony used it in their Seagrams Series.

For booking and information Contact: www.flemingartists.com



Connie Kaldor has written a musical entitled Dust and Dreams.

Connie has also written the music for a play entitled The Destruction of Eve. It was written by the late Director-playwright Svetlana Zylin. It was produced in Toronto in 1999 as well as at McMaster University. It has a cast of characters including, Mother Mary, Lilith, Mary Magdelene, and Eve. Connie also had the opportunity to write the theme song that God sings. Thoughtful and irreverent, it is a fresh twist on some interesting themes.

For more information, contact Clank@conniekaldor.com


Before Their Time

This is a fundraising CD that is a music resource to provide comfort and consolation to people in mourning. Each track shares intimate insights about how the singer-songwriters were affected by the death of someone close to them. Listeners find many of these experiences familiar and derive considerable comfort from knowing that they are not alone, since the artists have obviously been there, too. Visit www.beforetheirtime.org