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We're so glad you're here. Yes, this is the official guide to Connie's music and her touring schedule, but it's also your connection to the very real person behind the songs. Authentic prairie wisdom and humour abound. Look around. Updates are posted regularly.
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A million things

That women have to deal with.

You always dreamed of hitting the open road. Packing up the car, the kids, the man, and just driving ’til your dreams come true. You believe, even if you never had the time to do it yourself, that somewhere, somehow, some woman must be doing just that; some extraordinary woman with amazing restaurant skills and an extra large helping of wisdom about life, love, family, shopping, touring, and maybe most importantly, going where your own truth takes you. From the heart of Saskatchewan to either coast, Canadian women everywhere know and love her well, because more than anything else, her celebrated voice sings a truth you hear most clearly in your own heart. She is a mirror, and a reminder of what really matters, her songs sound like something your best friend would say. She’s CONNIE KALDOR; the woman who always tells you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. The one who always makes you laugh, even while you’re crying. The one who makes you promise to give that jerk the heave-ho while she feeds you fresh baked scones and sings you the chorus from her new song, the one that’s all about you.

Naturally, being as fabulous as Connie is fairly time consuming, and you probably don’t see her as often as you want to, so you’ll be bound to appreciate all the news, photos, funny stories and great ideas we’ve assembled so you can create your own postcards from the road.