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Fresh from a benefit in support of the Dakota Sioux

The hall in St Anne de Bellevue was packed on Saturday night for a concert raising funds to help the Dakota Sioux and their pipeline protest.  Lots of good Music Drumming and Dancing and Singing.  I woke up the morning before and realised that Sitting Bull, that wintered near what would become our farm in Willowbunch Saskatchewan, went to Standing Rock when he crossed the border.  So there’s history that connects us as well.  Ill be back to do a show in the same hall on the last friday of November, American thanksgiving with family and friends. In between I will be performing at the Acoustic Harvest Coffee House in Scarborough On.  I think it would be great to have an address that had ON at the end of it.  So much better than Off.   You could be getting it ON, Man you are so ON,  ON ward and Upward.  Okay I’m getting myself carried away.  If there are any in the area, come on down.

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Posted on : Nov 08 2016
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Connie heading to the Rogue Folk Club

Thursday September 29 IM playing at the Rogue Folk Club in Vancouver.

Ill have Paul on Guitar and vocals and Aleksi on Fiddle and Vocals. This date was just added recently along with our Calgary shows. Kudos to Jim Fleming my agent and thanks as always to Steve Edge and his gang of fabulous volunteers for giving me a place to play in Vancouver. look out Rocky Mountains here I come!
For information and tickets contact the Rogue Folk Club

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Posted on : Sep 25 2016
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New York, New York……


This weekend I found myself in Toronto and New York, both for awards.  The Friday night in Toronto was the 30th anniversary of the Peter Gzowski Golf Tournament for Literacy.   A phalanx of volunteers and committees and generous folks have been raising money for literacy for the last 30 years.  I have been part of their events for several years now and it has been a wonderful experience.  So I was thrilled to get the Peter Gzowski award along with a few of my fellow musicians.  Then the next day on to the New York City WEb fest where Ian Strang,  director etc of Nikola TEsla and the End of the World won outstanding editing award .  It was a fun event and its always great to be among creative people.  A wild weekend of driving and meeting people.  I was interviewed by a woman who is part of Fearless Radio.  Its the show I would tune in for if I lived in the NYC area.  It was a thrill to be nominated for a music award in this burgeoning scene.

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Posted on : Nov 17 2015
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Folk Music Awards in Edmonton

Just got back from the Canadian Folk Music Awards in Edmonton this weekend.  Its always great to hear music and discover some new music along the way.  I always have enjoyed John Wort Hannom and I’m looking forward to listening to his new CD Love Lives On.  Kevin Breit  had a lovely story in his acceptance speech for the Olive Schroer Pushing the Boundaries award.  The personal that has a universal ring to it is always welcome in any event.  Got a chance to see and connect with friends and its always great to talk about art and music so even though I had to work at something that is not my main gig, being the MC, I still managed to have a good time.

I agree with the organisers of this event that it is important to celebrate the vast pool of talent that makes up this vibrant scene.  We can’t be Canada’s best kept secret forever!

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Posted on : Nov 10 2015
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Connie Kaldor mentioned on Nature.org

How cool is that!. There was a revue of Nikola Tesla and The End of the World in Nature.org a wonderful science website.  For a science lover like me this is very exciting.  Heres the link: http://blogs.nature.com/aviewfromthebridge/2015/10/29/electrifying-tesla/

The Web Series which was up for an award at the Raindance London  Web Festival in London is the reason that it was mentioned.  I was thrilled to have any reason to be mentioned by the physics writer.  Yes I am pumped.  I did the music and that’s the reason for the mention.  I am also up for an award  for outstanding music in a web series at the NYC New York Web fest.  This series was fun to do, working in a different way, with sound and video.  Great fun.  I love Sci fi and good ideas so it was right up my alley.  I hope it goes on to get a million views and enough crowd funding to make a whole series.  So after a great western tour its great to come back to accolades in totally different endeavour.  The fall tour was wonderful. It got me out to the coast and I brought out Aleksi to play with us and that is always a pleasure.  The award is announced on the Nov 13 14 weekend.  I will keep my fingers crossed.

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Posted on : Nov 03 2015
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